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Face-Snap-Twitt-Instabook Whatever

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Let me rant for a minute or two or three, just listen.

I use social media to promote this blog, keep up with friends and family I don’t often see, and to have a voice that otherwise would be silenced.

So I have left Facebook multiple times. Why do you ask? Because it’s utterly annoying. I feel like I can’t post my opinion without someone getting offended or trying to fact check me or troll my posts. I have actually blocked people from commenting on my stuff because of the trolling problem. Maybe I have bad friends? Maybe. Maybe I have great friends that are just trying to keep me in check, more likely the latter.

Lets be honest I have deleted my Twitter and my Snap-chat.

I feel that if used properly, who am I to say, social media can be a good thing right?

Why does it take us over?

Why do we care what other people think?

Why are we always looking for approval in all the wrong places?

Why do we turn outward instead of turning inward?

Children are precious, innocent and targeted. Who’s to blame?

I don’t think children should have social media accounts until they are able to understand true friendship and how to properly interact with one another. Honestly I don’t think children should have a social media account if they are still considered children. It is a dangerous and fast world we live now days and we need to protect ourselves and our families.

What really makes me angry is that social media companies do not monitor for pedophiles, terrorist groups etc. I myself have reported many offensive pictures and posts but to no avail. It’s terrible if a child was reading or looking at those things.

I have recently read an article about a boy who committed suicide because his girl friend had faked her suicide via social media. I recently read an article of multiple kids and teens committing suicide via the live videos on social media. I recently read an article about a video that shows a kidnapping and torture of a teenager. I recently read an article about a girl who was sexually assaulted in a video posted on social media, multiple people watched this video before it was reported.

When will this stop?

Who is to blame?

Teach your children the difference of right and wrong, show your children that no matter how different we all look that we all bleed the same blood. Teach your children about compassion.

I believe this starts at home, no one likes a helicopter parent, but you can make a difference.

And as for social media they need to swallow their pride and do something that will have a drastic affect on their platforms.

God Bless