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You Can’t be Serious!

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The G-20 Summit happened this week and it didn’t disappoint for “news” stories.

Notice the quotations around news.

People wonder why fake news is such a big thing right now. It could possibly be because we have media outlets like CNN literally running with fake news, headlines everywhere that are not true and then to top it off they try to blackmail someone for creating a meme, oh man they are in serious trouble.

But today, today is another whopper.

Today its reported that President Trump did NOT push his way to the front of the G-20 Photo. Yep you guys he did NOT push his way to the front.


So somehow President Obama got to the front.


Did you ever think that President Trump does not care to stand next to Markle?!

Why aren’t you covering the murdered police officer in NY?

Why are you covering that Ivanka stepped in for the President at a G-20 sit in? Shouldn’t you be proud that she did? She is rising as a leader for women’s rights, isn’t that what you want?

This is why you aren’t trusted any more. You aren’t believable. You are no longer covering facts. You no longer have the people’s best interest in mind, just your own. You are awful.

God Bless

We Don’t Believe You!

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How long do we have to wait? How much more time will you waste?

You say that its good for the people but guess what, WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU!

You were supposed to repeal Obamacare, it’s a monstrosity and costing American tax payers millions per year!

Its simple you weigh it out like this: before Obamacare how was healthcare? After Obamacare how is healthcare? It’s not better is it? OK so repeal it completely. You might say “well Ray what about people with existing conditions? What about the elderly?”.

Here is your solution: You force Insurance Companies to cover existing conditions from birth, and yes those will have to pay more but then you give them a write off on their taxes for ALL medical bills, everyone wins. As for the elderly, same thing fully covered with higher premiums and tax write off for premiums.


It is really that simple.

We have bigger fish to fry here guys

God Bless

America First Consequences

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President Trump took a week and toured over seas, it was his first trip overseas and it went well. Actually President Trump, at times, was treated better overseas than he was treated even at the inauguration here in America. Its sad really.

I do not agree 100% with all of what he says or his policies but I do support him much more than I did former President Obama.

So our lovely so-called “Media” station CNN wrote a nice piece of Trash today. .

The first line reads:

“America First” is what Donald Trump promised, and it’s what he’s delivering.

What?! Why is this a problem? Lets read on to find out:

The US is ceding its global leadership role in favor of an inward turn.

Is that really bad? I know having a relationship with other countries is great but we can’t be the Bank Os the United States of America all the time. Is asking the countries of the UN to pay their fair share and step up a bad thing? When you were finished with High School did your parents say “eh its okay you don’t have to pay rent or do chores, we will provide for you until you can provide for your self”? No that’s not how it works, you grow up you move out and do it on your own, these countries have more than graduated and its time we let the apron strings out and watch them flower. We can’t support other countries the way we have been when we have huge problems here at home that have gone on neglected for many years. We must unite as one America.


God Bless




There is nothing to report!

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#fakenews am I right?

You can find a great article here from the The Daily Wire about how the Washington Post reported about Jared Kushner requesting a back channel for Russia communications.

I am so sick of hearing about this. There has been no evidence of President Trump colluding with Russia, none. Even sitting democrats have said so. So what are they really trying to do? Lie! They are trying to fill you with doubt, lies and anger.

Please be enlightened so you are empowered.

God Bless