That is NOT what the Constitution says!

I woke up this morning and so far I had a pleasant morning that is until I opened up the news to find Sacramento Fat Cats in California have approved $45 Million to be allocated from the budget to help illegal immigrants in legal services.

You read that right $45 Million in Legal Services for illegal immigrants.

$45 Million to assist in legal services for illegal immigrants.

$45 Million to assist illegal immigrants.

$45 Million for illegal immigrants.

You could build 4,500 tiny homes to house the homeless.

You could feed 4,000,000 people.

You could forgive 1,000 students of their debt.

You could invest that into clean energy.

What California just did is throw the Constitution in the trashcan, douse it in gas, pour some gun powder on it, throw a few M-80’s and then nuked that SOB!

God Bless


We need it.

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