America First Consequences

President Trump took a week and toured over seas, it was his first trip overseas and it went well. Actually President Trump, at times, was treated better overseas than he was treated even at the inauguration here in America. Its sad really.

I do not agree 100% with all of what he says or his policies but I do support him much more than I did former President Obama.

So our lovely so-called “Media” station CNN wrote a nice piece of Trash today. .

The first line reads:

“America First” is what Donald Trump promised, and it’s what he’s delivering.

What?! Why is this a problem? Lets read on to find out:

The US is ceding its global leadership role in favor of an inward turn.

Is that really bad? I know having a relationship with other countries is great but we can’t be the Bank Os the United States of America all the time. Is asking the countries of the UN to pay their fair share and step up a bad thing? When you were finished with High School did your parents say “eh its okay you don’t have to pay rent or do chores, we will provide for you until you can provide for your self”? No that’s not how it works, you grow up you move out and do it on your own, these countries have more than graduated and its time we let the apron strings out and watch them flower. We can’t support other countries the way we have been when we have huge problems here at home that have gone on neglected for many years. We must unite as one America.


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2 comments on “America First Consequences
  1. Colleen Dunwoody says:

    I couldn’t agree more Ray. Why is it that the attitude of taking care of our own first is regarded with such disdain and yet the hypocrisy lies in those same people demand help for the needy in this country and yet support those who abuse the system which is in place to help those in need. My head spins when I try to wrap my brain around it. I always try to fall back on a common sense attitude of how I run my household. I believe this is the same way to run a country. Here goes, if I am struggling to feed my children I am not going to take food out of their mouths to feed my neighbors. If I am able to care for them reasonably then I certainly can be charitable. If my neighbors are a threat to my household I am going to lock my doors and keep my children safe by WHATEVER MEANS ARE NECESSARY! I do not allow people in my house whom I do not know ( I have a wall per she and rules as to whom is allowed in). I help those in need to the best of my ability but not those who choose not to help themselves and certainly not to the detriment of my own family. This may sound selfish to some however if I allow my family to become needy how can we help others. It makes sense to me. Now expand this philosophy on a global level and I believe this is how America should proceed.

    • Ray_Nelson87 says:

      100% agree! I don’t understand why we have to be the savoir of the world but we can’t save ourselves

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